We are pleased to announce a new membership program here at Quarry Hill Farm. With the use of prepaid cards, you can reap the benefits of great discounts and perks when you subscribe to a dollar amount to be placed on your Friends of the Farm card.
Members receive:

  • 2 Free Farm Classes
  • Access to limited quantity items
  • 10% off at the Mainland Inn
  • Shop anytime, for any item including meat, produce, & chef prepared goods
  • Learn more by visiting our website:

Click here to learn more

Share Our New Film and Enter to Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

watch new filmWe are thrilled with our latest film!  It not only features Sloane’s story, but explains the link between eating grass-fed meats and organic produce and experiencing vibrant health.  We want people to see it, so we’re holding a contest to get 5,000 people to view the film.

To be eligible to win, you'll need to send a link to the film to three people you care about.  If you commit to do that, you’ll be entered to win a $50 Quarry Hill Farm gift certificate.

Once we reach 5,000 views, we’ll randomly choose a name from those who have entered the contest.  We’ll notify you by email if you’re chosen the winner!

Did You Know?

An egg from a pastured hen has 30 percent more vitamin E than the kind you buy in the supermarket.

Join Us at Mainland Inn

Join us at Mainland Inn, serving Quarry Hill Farm fresh organic produce and heritage breed, pastured, grass-fed, soy-free, organic lamb, poultry, rabbit and turkey grown and raised at Quarry Hill Farm.